Quareia Course Books

Quareia Publishing produces the course books of the Quareia magical training course, a course that is free to download from the Quareia website. Students can choose from the three bumper text books in hardback or paperback, or the study work books each of which contains two modules from the course.

We do not sell these books direct, but they are available from amazon retail sites world wide, and most internet book retailers.

Quareia Magical Training is the most extensive, in-depth, and intelligent up to date magical course that is currently available worldwide. The course is divided into three sections: Apprentice, Initiate and Adept. Each section has ten study modules with each module having eight lessons, and each section has a final initiatory lesson. Each of the three sections is approximately five hundred thousand words.

The course is written in its entirety by adept magician and Quareia Director Josephine McCarthy.

Quareia is a school that is open to anyone, and is free and accessible online at any time. It is a school that is entirely focused on teaching the most essential skills in magic, with unknown precision and depth in its materials. Yet it is free from any specific one style or specific religious overlay: various styles and religious patterns are studied and at times worked with in depth, but there is no one creed, culture or system that forms the foundation basis of the training: it is itself.


Quareia Apprentice

Quareia The Apprentice consists of ten modules, and each module has eight lessons: the whole of the apprentice training. Subject matter includes: Core Skills, Patterns and Maps, Dynamics of Creation, Death and the Underworld, Magical Tools, Types of Beings, Elements as Tools, Inner Temples, Planetary Powers, and Understanding Destruction.

The Apprentice training provides a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in magic which in turn opens the path ahead for Initiate training.

720 pages Hardback and Paperback editions

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Quareia The Initiate

Quareia The Initiate is the second of the three sections of Quareia magical training.

The modules of the Initiate section teach about Exorcism, Power Dynamics of Creation, Deities, Angels and Demons, Magical Healing, Core Initiate Skills, Beings of the Land, Birth, Death and the Underworld, and the preparation for Adepthood. By the end of this section, the Initiate will have all of the skills, knowledge and strength to take on the final challenge of the Adept stage of training.

728 pages available in Hardback and Paperback 

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Quareia The ADept

Quareia The Adept is the third and final book in the Quareia Magical Training. It is the whole of the Adept section of training.

The modules of the Adept section teach about topics including: Adept Exorcism, Planetary Power, Advanced Magical Patterns, Magical Construction, Advanced Death and the Underworld, Working with Power, Teaching Methods, and Becoming the Adept. By the end of this section, the Adept will have all of the skills, knowledge and strength to step out into the world as a fully trained Adept.

918 pages available in Hardback and Paperback

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