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Sacred women: Images of power and wisdom - the art of Stuart littlejohn

Sacred Women: Images of Power and Wisdomis a treasure house of art dedicated to the feminine power. Each artwork is intended to be savoured not just for its inherent beauty but also as sacred art. A full colour collection of paintings by the renowned British artist Stuart Littlejohn, this book serves as a celebration of all that is great yet ignored, of all that is powerful yet shunned, from goddesses to warriors, from mystics to the mythic.

Each painting is presented as a full-page image and is accompanied by some brief information about the mythology, history, or legend surrounding the character.

Presented in laminate hard cover 130 pages  8.5 x 11inches

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Cyprian of Antioch: A Mage of Many faces

Cyprian of Antioch: a Mage of Many Faces is a detailed analysis of some of the lesser-known strands of myth, history, evidence, and magical hearsay that surround the enigmatic Cyprian of Antioch. It moves beyond the well-known territory of St. Cyprian and peers into some of the more hidden areas of the Mage’s history and legend, unearthing a complex and beautiful path that leads, ultimately, back to one man.

About the Author
Frater Acher holds an MA in Communications Science, Intercultural Communications and Psychology as well as certifications in Systemic Coaching and Gestalt Therapy. He has studied Western Ritual Magic in theory and practice at IMBOLC and has been actively involved in magic for more than twenty years. 

Cyprian of Antioch: a Mage of Many Faces -                    Hardback 310 pages full colour
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Minerva Britanna

minerva small.jpg

Minerva Britanna, written in the early seventeenth century by Henry Peacham, is an enigmatic magical book of poetry and images that mixes together Renaissance faery magic, Elizabethan codes, Hermetic wisdom, and echoes of kingly advice. It is a puzzle book of those magical Mysteries that have to do with the land, the monarch, the sacred duties of the nobleman, and the faery secrets of Britain. 

244 pages. Paperback:  digitally restored facsimile of the seventeenth century manuscript

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Jacob’s Rod


Jacobs Rod: A 17th century treatise on the ancient and honorable arte of dowsing

Jacob’s Rod is a digitally enhanced facsimile of a late seventeenth century text detailing the art and methods of dowsing with traditional hazel rods. It was translated from the original French into English by Thomas Welton in 1870 and was presented at the time as ‘a rare and curious work dated a.d.1693 on the arte of finding springs, mines, and minerals by means of the hazel rod.’

Jacob’s Rod is presented with an in-depth foreword by Michael Sheppard.

Jacobs Rod: Paperback 146 pages

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THe Book of Gates


THe Book of Gates: a Magical Translation

The Book of Gates is a rich and epic magical translation of a little-known Ancient Egyptian New Kingdom funerary text that contains a wealth of mystical and magical secrets. Unlike its more famous cousin, The Book of the Dead, The Book of Gates was meant for the living as much as the deceased, and its deeply enigmatic verses lead the reader on a harrowing yet uplifting journey through the Underworld in search of ascent and true adepthood.

Translated by Michael Sheppard, interpreted by Josephine McCarthy, and illustrated by Stuart Littlejohn, The Book of Gates offers the reader page after page of enigmatic puzzles, insights, and keys that reveal the timeless roots of alchemy, ritual, and magical vision. 

The Book of Gates: available in Hardback and Paperback.         348 pages full colour illustrations

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