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Magical Healing

Written by one of the world’s leading adepts, Magical Healing is a ‘must have’ survival guide for magicians, occultists, healers, tarot readers, and anyone else who delves into the strange and challenging world of magic, beings, energies, and power. Such adventures bring with them impacts that can directly affect the health and wellbeing of the mind and body—a heavily overlooked aspect of the world of magic and divination.

Magical Healing guides the reader through the complexities of how to maintain a healthy mind and body while exploring the depths of magic. It explains how energies can affect our health and what to do about it, and how to use divination as a method of keeping a check on your own energetic health. Magical techniques of visionary healing are included, along with approaches to self-healing and maintenance, plus alternative therapies and how to stay clean and protected.


About the Author

Josephine McCarthy is an internationally known author, practitioner and teacher of western magic with forty years' experience as a practitioner and subsequent adept, and over twenty-five years of experience as a teacher in Europe and the USA. She has authored many books on magic and is the creator, course writer, and director of the Quareia magical school. 
She is revolutionizing esoteric teaching with her honesty, courage, and dedication to the work: Greg Kaminsky – Occult of Personality

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